A Happy – Children’s Day Celebration


The children in Springblooms DayCare and Activity Centre in Thane were in for a surprise celebration for one of the most important days of their life!

It was kicked off with singing rhymes in chorus along with Puppet props. This was followed by a story of a brave cub and a puppet making activity. Not only did the children have fun thoroughout but they also demanded for more!!

What can I say… when you give them love they give you back more love!

Happy Children’s Day!



Hey, sorry for being a little lazy here…. 🙂

Just a quick shout out….

Classes are running in Thane – Hiranandani, Manpada and Waghbill.

Please feel free to contact if interested.

Top 10 Benefits of Storytelling – by Storymatters

Each era is marked by momentous events, significant incidents and, meaningful happenings – all that makes history. Our ancestors have preserved all of this in the form of stories and passed it from one generation to another; in order to bestow upon us a lesson, educate us and enlighten our minds. Over time, some of these stories have been classified as fiction and some are believed to be true and a part of the times forgotten. Regardless of its age and form of existence, stories are so potent that they have continued to influence us and shape our minds. They have become an inherent part of our lives. Storytelling is therefore an important method to nurture and impart the vast and innumerable benefits of these powerful stories.

The top 10 benefits of storytelling that Storymatters ensures to cultivate are:

  1. Communication skills – Improve your verbal, written and listening proficiency through every session of Storymatters. The techniques involved in storytelling infuse speech, emotions, feelings and expressions which fuels the ability to read, write and listen better. This is prevalent and intrinsic in our methods of storytelling and WE PRIDE IN IT!
  1. Creativity and Imagination – Focusing on your own individual thought processes leads to creativity and imagination. Storytelling empowers you with that. LEARN TO LOOK BEYOND THE HORIZON!
  1. Memory – Sharpen your ability to learn and remember everything around your world through stories. There is scientific evidence to prove that stories are an easier method for absorbing information and storing them in memory for longer. Thus storytelling helps CREATE A SMARTER BRAIN!
  1. Instil values – The easiest and smartest way to teach or refresh our values is through stories. Each story has a message, a value, a moral that is a TAKEAWAY IN EVERY SESSION!
  1. Personality Development – Who would’ve thought that a story can in any way lead to developing your personality? But think about it – learning COMMUNICATION SKILLS, RIGHT SET OF VALUES, IMPROVED MEMORY and CREATIVE BRAINS can result in what??
  1. Emotional Development – A lot of emphasis is put on E.Q than I.Q these days. It has become important in this materialistic world for us to be rooted and learn to be sensitive towards the needs and problems of others. It becomes easier to learn empathy through varied stories that touch upon different aspects of human emotions. Hence storytelling can make you EMOTIONALLY MORE AWARE!
  1. Cultural Differences – Stories come from around the world and showcase diversities. Sensitising one with these cultural differences makes oneself a rare intellect. Author Jhumpa Lahiri said, “That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” MAKES ONE WISER!
  1. Unconventional Teaching – Storytelling is a unique and unconventional method of teaching and passing knowledge. It does not focus on academics or learning by rote. Hence FUN AND EASY!
  1. Reading Habit – Develop an interest in reading by immersing yourself in the interesting and magical world of books by attending our storytelling sessions. Each module of ours is designed to shape an inquisitive and eager mind for more knowledge that inculcates the habit of READING!
  1. The Art – Yes, it is an art and we can help you learn the art! The art of storytelling has mental, social and educational benefits. Remember it’s an interesting way of contributing towards preserving a vital yet dying art – THE ART OF STORYTELLING!

Storytelling Summer Camp


Storytelling Summer Camp sessions start at Tweeties in Mulund West.

Please contact for more details at contact@storymatters.in or visit the Face Book links mentioned below:



Admissions have begun…so hurry!!

How it all started…

It was one of those long and busy summer days in college. In our final year, our college offered extra coaching for potential merit rankers; which basically meant extra assignments plus extra exams and I happened to qualify for it …:P


As these were kept over and above our regular classes, they were usually after college hours. On that particular day and at that hour, there weren’t too many people around when I was walking down the stairs thinking about the lectures left to attend, submission deadlines and all the other grinding I had to go through for the final exams when suddenly an engaging voice fell on my ears. It was so intriguing that I was instantly pulled out of my thoughts and drawn towards it.


At first I couldn’t hear clearly from where I was standing and therefore followed the sound just to know exactly what was happening. Upon drawing closer, I could hear words. Words from a story. As I stood there listening, I started to feel enticed by the story and it felt as if the story was literally unfolding into reality. Wow!


After a short while, unable to hold my curiosity anymore, I peeped inside the classroom only to see a man holding a book in his hand and reading it out loud to some kids in the room.

As I gasped in awe, I remember seeing the faces of those kids, all rapt with attention and seemingly transported to another mystical world of imagery.


That was the moment when it all happened. I had never imagined stories could be so powerful and never thought about how it can be used as an art to perform or teach, simply by narrating it the right way!!


Somehow life took its regular course and due to its daily struggles; that thought and that feeling was subdued in the corner of my mind. But I believed that someday it’ll be time for me to act on those feelings again and generate work through which I can retell such stories and create that magical feeling for others.


So here it is! A dream that took seed 10 years ago, has finally grown and taken shape into “Storymatters” – A storytelling and dramatized reading initiative for kids and adults to experience the mystical and supreme power of creativity, innovation, thoughts and dreams in the shape of stories.