Storymatters Modules


At Storymatters our storytelling modules include a range of topics for different age groups:
1. Communication Skills – Enhance your child’s communication skills like listening, reading, speaking and writing through stories.
2. Art and craft – Harness your child’s creativity with art and craft activities related to a new story they learn in every session.
3. Indian Mythology – Stories are essentially a unique way to impart traditional knowledge to your kids. A great way to help them get in touch with their roots.
4. Values & Life-skills – Teach valuable life-skills and human values to your child through effective stories.
5. Mixed Bag – As the name suggests this module consists of a blend of all modules. The most popular by far..
6. Dramatized Reading – It’s an offshoot of the communication skills module. But this one focuses primarily on effective reading habits which results in overall improvement in communication skills like phonetics, pronunciation, accent, vocabulary and speech enhancement.

Age groups are 3-6 years, 7-10 years and 11-14 years.

Sessions are conducted in various locations like libraries, bookstores, malls, home, schools and corporates.
Events can be customized and conducted as per your need, be it on a regular basis or one time events like Birthday parties or other celebrations.
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